MomMe Time 2014


When Baby and Breakfast called us up to cover for this event, we never expected it to be this magical! The concept was born out of the minds of Baby and Breakfast’s Janna Simpao and her very good friend, Rica Paralejo-Bonifacio. It was held in Spaces by Babyland, which, with the touch of Gideon Hermosa of The Events Studio, transformed into somewhat of a secret garden for moms!

The message was simple, yet strikingly important: Moms need their “Me Time”. It was elaborated further with talks by Rica herself and guest speaker, Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan. The day was filled with flowers (thanks to Gideon!), scrumptious food by K. Cunanan, too-pretty-too-eat desserts from Lovelots Cakes and the Delightful Ms. Joyce and fabulous giveaways from sponsors that everyone went home with (think 2 giant bags of items)!

You can read more about MomMe Time in Janna’s own words in their blog post.

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Taka-Type Workshop: Colorful Carton Letters

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What do you get when you bring words and letters into the physical world?
Type Kita Academy and Takatak Project teach us how 3D carton types are made
with their
Taka-Type Workshop.

Type Kita Academy is an online page that exhibits all typography arts. They also hold workshops in collaboration with other artists to share their craft. This time, they partnered up with Takatak Project, which moves to support the art of making paper maché horses, as well as provide business to local craftsman. Today, in the effort to spark interest, they’ve expanded to making more than just horses with traditional designs and furthered to make other animals and various type-forms, as well. You’ll still see the traditional horses but now, revamped with modern designs painted on them.

I think this is a cool idea for a craft party instead of the typical birthday party. And with such a low-cost too! You can order the basic letters from Takatak Project, which are very affordable. After that, you can decorate it with anything: acrylics, patterned paper, string, stamps and even some jewel stickers! I can see how this could be such a fun activity for kids, and at the end of it, they can take it home as souvenirs and decorate their home with. Isn’t it so heart-warming to see your kid’s creativity around the house too?

You can contact Takatak Project via facebook. They can help you with whatever you require or even give you information to go directly to the artists.

If you’re interested in joining other workshops, you can visit Type Kita‘s facebook page to inquire about their schedule.

Scrumptious cupcakes and coffee provided by Commune.

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