Vanessa for Cordlife


There’s nothing more beautiful in a woman’s life than when she carries life. The emanating glow is undeniable. It is the most natural and timeless beauty there is.

See here, the gorgeous Vanessa Matsunaga-Sunga, who got a Cordlife plan for her child, posing for some shots just a few days before her baby, Isabella was born.

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Chynna Ortaleza for Cordlife

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Becoming a mother is always such a blessing. This little gift from God and from Love will forever give irreplaceable happiness to any couple. And, as with any precious gift, we must give it the best care. With Cordlife, the security they provide is bliss in this urban jungle.

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Patty & Kelly for Cordlife

Happy Folks Studio

The experience of growing your family is a wonderful time in one’s life. It is a time of both hardships and happiness. How can something so very natural become so humanly overwhelming? But, as any mother will tell you, nothing compares to the peace that comes when your baby looks at you and smiles with all the love in their heart.

Once again, we had the pleasure to shoot with Patty Laurel-Filart and Kelly Misa-Fernandez for Cordlife Philippines. It was a very special milestone for these two good friends, their first pregnancy. Have a look at our favorite shots from the session. Read More

CudslyXPattyKelly Baby Shower

Baby Shower

A few months ago, there was this very special celebration for two very special ladies who were moms-to-be of two very precious boys! And, Oh Boy, was it a celebration! It was quite quaint yet everyone had a grand time. For these two special ladies, now mothers, are very much loved by everyone around them. This would undeniably be one of the most colorful, literally and figuratively, baby showers we’ve ever witnessed. Congratulations Patty & Pat Filart, and Kelly & Carlos Fernandez! Read More