Nikki’s Wes Anderson Adventure

Wes Anderson

There’s nothing more exciting to today’s youth than traveling. For those just entering society, it’s a big big world out there to explore. And, it’s so much easier today to go anywhere in the world!

It’s no wonder Nikki¬†chose this Wes Anderson inspired theme for her 18th birthday. His movies are always quirky and full of adventures! We loved this shoot for the same reasons too! Check out our favorite snaps from this set.

The deeper you go, the weirder life gets

–The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou


Vinyl Player pre debut fleetwood mac pre debut happy folks studio

I think you’ve still got lightning in you

— Moonrise Kingdom


travel pre debut travel wes anderson

The beginning of the end of
the end of the beginning has begun

— The Grand Budapest Hotel


wes anderson adventure pre debut portraittravel adventure vintage travelexplore wes anderson pre debut wes anderson happy folks studio happy folks studiohappy folks studio

Coordination: Bespoke Manila
Styling: Tipping Point Collective

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