Vanessa for Cordlife


There’s nothing more beautiful in a woman’s life than when she carries life. The emanating glow is undeniable. It is the most natural and timeless beauty there is.

See here, the gorgeous Vanessa Matsunaga-Sunga, who got a Cordlife plan for her child, posing for some shots just a few days before her baby, Isabella was born.

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An Autumn Afternoon

Autumn Happy Folks

It was a lovely November afternoon for a walk around Showa Kinen park with the Dominguez Family. TheΒ leaves were changing to beautiful shades of magenta, tangerine and gold, which glowed majestically in the sunshine. I couldn’t have imagined a better day to shoot Christian and Charlene with their little Cailey. Read More


Bounty by K

When bringing people together, nothing beats a scrumptious feast! With good food comes interesting conversations, strengthened relations and heartwarming laughter. It’s no wonder why we always look forward to things like, brunch with the besties, Sunday lunches with the fam and last supper despedidas.

Kaye and her team have been giving us mouthwatering ediblesΒ for the best feasts of our lives. And they’ve been doing it for 10 years! Now, they revamped and recreated their menuΒ to be even more delicious. Just recently, a select few mouths had a taste of their new dishes and needless to say, everyone left with their hearts and bellies full!

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Playdate with Theo

01 TON_8209 - coversize

One of the best birthdays you could have is an afternoon playdate with your best buddies. You can clearly read F-U-N on Theo and his little friends’ faces! What can be better than a giant room you can crawl, run, jump and climb around in, and play with everything? That with singing and laughter, in our book, is one of the best kind of birthdays a kid can have!


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Justice’s Mad Scientist Convention

Birthday Party

This is, by far, the nerdiest and coolest first birthday ever. It’s one thing to decorate your party, but with everybody dressing up from head to toe is bringing it to the next level! Justice’s party just showed us thatΒ we can have mad fun with science!

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