Maternity: The Beauty Of Change


Pregnancy is such a special and intimate time in a woman’s life. And though they may seem fragile, it is quite the contrary. All the mayhem of hormones and pains can only be persevered by the strength in these beautiful women.

It’s during this time that every ounce of support from the people around them means a ton. And what better way to experience pregnancy than with the full support of your sister, who is also pregnant! Mini is just 3 months behind Ma-ann. And I brought her in, just to capture this rare occurrence.

I was so blessed and happy to have done this intimate maternity session. It was just Ma-ann, her ever supportive husband Mikko and I for the most part. We worked together to achieve a clean, classy and fresh look, focusing on the beautiful changes happening to her right now.

I believe that a woman’s body is something to be proud of. It is beautiful, in all its forms, most especially when it brings new life into the world.
— Ma-ann

Maann Maternity 02


Maann Maternity 03


Maann Maternity 04


Maann Maternity 05


Maann Maternity 06


Maann Maternity 07


Maann Maternity 08


Maann Maternity 09


Maann Maternity 10


Maann Maternity 11


Maann Maternity 12




Maann Maternity 13


Maann Maternity 14


Maann Maternity 15


Maann Maternity 16


Maann Maternity 17


Maann Maternity 18


Venue: West Wing, Marriott Hotel
Hair & Make Up: Osh Medina
Dressing Gown: La Tercera
Jewelry: Twin Princess Gems

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