Maternity: The Beauty Of Change


Pregnancy is such a special and intimate time in a woman’s life. And though they may seem fragile, it is quite the contrary. All the mayhem of hormones and pains can only be persevered by the strength in these beautiful women.

It’s during this time that every ounce of support from the people around them means a ton. And what better way to experience pregnancy than with the full support of your sister, who is also pregnant! Mini is just 3 months behind Ma-ann. And I brought her in, just to capture this rare occurrence.

I was so blessed and happy to have done this intimate maternity session. It was just Ma-ann, her ever supportive husband Mikko and I for the most part. We worked together to achieve a clean, classy and fresh look, focusing on the beautiful changes happening to her right now.

I believe that a woman’s body is something to be proud of. It is beautiful, in all its forms, most especially when it brings new life into the world.
— Ma-ann

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Alesso’s First Moments

01a Regine Van Alesso Leano Fresh48

Viktor Alesso is finally here! Everyone was eagerly awaiting Regine & Van’s first baby boy to be born. We were just too happy for the opportunity to shoot these two lovely people again, this time in a Fresh 48 session for baby Alesso. They truly are a beautiful family, whose love just fills the room.

The first 48 hours with your new baby will go by faster than you can imagine and everything will be a blur. A Fresh 48 session is a great way to remember the first moments of your kids. Not only will you have photos of this fleeting moment when your baby is the tiniest he’ll ever be, but it captures such genuine emotions from both parents too: mom, finally able to see this little human living inside her for 9 months, and dad, finally able to hold this gift from their love.


02a Regine Van Alesso Leano Fresh48

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Cyan’s First Moments

01 TON_1909_LR

Nothing compares to the overwhelming moment one becomes a parent, no matter how much you prepare for it. This day is undeniably life changing. You are the best gift that life has given.


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A Minimalist Family Portrait

studio session

Studio sessions are the best! It’s a fun and stress-free for the whole family! It feels like playtime with the kids. We opted for a minimalist style, making each one’s expressions and personality the main subjects of the portraits. We just love how these family pictures of the Simpao family turned out: simple and timeless!

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