Playdate with Theo

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One of the best birthdays you could have is an afternoon playdate with your best buddies. You can clearly read F-U-N on Theo and his little friends’ faces! What can be better than a giant room you can crawl, run, jump and climb around in, and play with everything? That with singing and laughter, in our book, is one of the best kind of birthdays a kid can have!


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Justice’s Mad Scientist Convention

Birthday Party

This is, by far, the nerdiest and coolest first birthday ever. It’s one thing to decorate your party, but with everybody dressing up from head to toe is bringing it to the next level! Justice’s party just showed us thatΒ we can have mad fun with science!

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Nathan’s British Seaside Bash


Are you ready for summer? This family sure is! And what a brilliant twist to a beach party this british seaside bash was. Take a look at this creative summer set up by Dianne Khu. I’m sure you’ll be craving for the ocean. And even more so when you see the cake by Sugarplum Pastries!

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Jedi Jaden’s Training Academy


Star Wars proves to be one of those ultimately timeless movies. Especially for this family who chose a simple yet action filled Star Wars party for their son’s seventh birthday!

We just loved how every bit of this party was hand-made with love by the family. From the quirky treats to that adventure box maze! I’m pretty sure all the kids had a blast dressing up as padawans and going through their jedi training. Now, they can say that they lived the movie!

May the force be with you!

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Eliya’s Ice Cream Festival


What more can 7-year-old Eliya ask for when she has this ice cream wonderland party? From those creamy colors to those desserts. I couldn’t tell if they were more pastry or more ice cream. And, let’s not forget the craft put in that genius of a birthday cake. This party is heaven for any ice cream lover!

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