Justice’s Mad Scientist Convention

Birthday Party

This is, by far, the nerdiest and coolest first birthday ever. It’s one thing to decorate your party, but with everybody dressing up from head to toe is bringing it to the next level! Justice’s party just showed us that we can have mad fun with science!

3-AA2_6049 4-AA3_33692-DSC_6981 5-AA2_6078 6-DSC_6432 7-AA2_6077 9-DSC_11508-DSC_6434 10-AA2_6084 copy 11-DSC_1055 12-DSC_6648 13-AA3_3412 16-AA2_627515-DSC_1004 17-AA3_377019-DSC_150321-AA3_3140 22-AA3_3085 23-AA2_6480 24-DSC_1627 25-AA3_3099 26-DSC_0973 copy 27-AA2_6429 28-DSC_1646 29-AA2_6510 30-DSC_099632-AA3_3515 31-AA3_312134-DSC_1085 33-AA3_3279

Stylist: Kaye Garcia
Cakes and Desserts: Cuppy Puppy Mommy
Catering: Passion Cooks
Magician: Chayno
Lights and Sounds: Forsc Ink, Inc & Trussworks Inc.
Giveaway Booth:  Republic Booths

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