Bounty by K

When bringing people together, nothing beats a scrumptious feast! With good food comes interesting conversations, strengthened relations and heartwarming laughter. It’s no wonder why we always look forward to things like, brunch with the besties, Sunday lunches with the fam and last supper despedidas.

Kaye and her team have been giving us mouthwatering edibles for the best feasts of our lives. And they’ve been doing it for 10 years! Now, they revamped and recreated their menu to be even more delicious. Just recently, a select few mouths had a taste of their new dishes and needless to say, everyone left with their hearts and bellies full!

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Nathan’s British Seaside Bash


Are you ready for summer? This family sure is! And what a brilliant twist to a beach party this british seaside bash was. Take a look at this creative summer set up by Dianne Khu. I’m sure you’ll be craving for the ocean. And even more so when you see the cake by Sugarplum Pastries!

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Little Lamb Alexi


It’s an absolute delight to witness a little one’s welcoming into the christian world. I can’t express how adorable little Alexi was! And, this dainty little lamb theme by Bespoke Manila was just perfect for this princess. That pink and peach palette was just as soft as Alexi’s baby cheeks. It definitely added to the daintiness that ruffly cake by Sugarplum Pastries. of Of course, the food spread by Cibo was undoubtedly delicious, as well. I bet this baby girl will grow up as lovely as Mommy Monique!

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CudslyXPattyKelly Baby Shower

Baby Shower

A few months ago, there was this very special celebration for two very special ladies who were moms-to-be of two very precious boys! And, Oh Boy, was it a celebration! It was quite quaint yet everyone had a grand time. For these two special ladies, now mothers, are very much loved by everyone around them. This would undeniably be one of the most colorful, literally and figuratively, baby showers we’ve ever witnessed. Congratulations Patty & Pat Filart, and Kelly & Carlos Fernandez! Read More

A Home-y Affair: Rafi’s Baptism


What a special day it was for Rafi, when she was welcomed into the Catholic community! Their celebration was quaint, yet you could very much feel the warmth of a home. And truly, Stacy’s was the perfect venue for this home-y affair! Have a look at this cute get together below.
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