A Minimalist Family Portrait

studio session

Studio sessions are the best! It’s a fun and stress-free for the whole family! It feels like playtime with the kids. We opted for a minimalist style, making each one’s expressions and personality the main subjects of the portraits. We just love how these family pictures of the Simpao family turned out: simple and timeless!

02 03 DSC09725_LR 04 TON_6697_LR 05 06 PCP_5038_LR 07 DSC09805_LR 08 DSC09135_LR 09 10 TON_6538_LR 11 DSC09746_LR 12 DSC09634_LR 13 DSC09583_LR 14 TON_6905_LR 15 DSC09161_LR 16 TON_6901_LR


Wardrobe Styling by Mommy Janna Simpao
Make up by Linsay Coalog
Hair Styling by Rowena Sonido 


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